Terms and Conditions

User Agreement

This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) regulates the relationship between the administration of the TNX Airplane website (hereinafter referred to as TNX Airplane) on the one hand, and the user of the TNX Airplane website (hereinafter referred to as the User) on the other. The TNX Airplane website is not a mass media outlet. By using this website, the User agrees to the terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree with the terms of the Agreement, you should not use TNX Airplane.

Subject of the Agreement

The User is entitled to post the following types of information on the TNX Airplane website:

  • text;
  • audio;
  • video;
  • images;
  • links.

Rights and Obligations of the Parties

User has the right to:

  • post and distribute the above types of information on the TNX Airplane website;
  • search for information on the TNX Airplane website;
  • create and post content for TNX Airplane;
  • publish comments regarding content posted on TNX Airplane;
  • use TNX Airplane website content on other platforms with attribution;
  • use TNX Airplane information for non-commercial purposes.

TNX Airplane has the right to:

  • establish and cancel rules;
  • change rules as necessary and at its discretion;
  • restrict access to any information posted on the TNX Airplane website;
  • post, delete, and modify information on the TNX Airplane website;
  • restrict access to accounts;
  • refuse registration of a user on the TNX Airplane website without explanation;
  • edit the content and design of the TNX Airplane website;
  • change and supplement the list of services;
  • change and supplement the scripts, software, server applications, and any objects used or stored on the TNX Airplane website.

User undertakes to:

  • provide accurate information;
  • ensure the security of personal data from third-party access;
  • when posting copied information, indicate the source;
  • not post materials inciting national, racial, or religious hatred;
  • not post materials of advertising, pornographic, or offensive content;
  • not post any information whose distribution is prohibited by the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • not interfere with the proper functioning of the TNX Airplane website;
  • not register multiple accounts on TNX Airplane belonging to a single user;
  • not register an account on behalf of third parties;
  • not transfer their account to other individuals;
  • not misinform other Users;
  • not use programs for automated operations on the TNX Airplane website and its services;
  • not make mass subscriptions on group pages and other TNX Airplane user pages;
  • not engage in mass comment and message distribution to other TNX Airplane users.

TNX Airplane undertakes to:

  • maintain the proper functioning of the TNX Airplane website, except in cases where the site's performance is disrupted due to reasons beyond TNX Airplane's control;
  • provide authorized government authorities with all available information about the User in cases established by law.

Responsibility of the Parties

The User is solely responsible for the materials they post and distribute on TNX Airplane.

TNX Airplane is not responsible for the accuracy of information copied from other sources.

TNX Airplane is not responsible for the User's unreasonable expectations from using the TNX Airplane website.

TNX Airplane is not responsible for services provided to the User by third parties.

In extreme circumstances, such as military actions, emergencies, etc., TNX Airplane does not guarantee full functionality of the website and the preservation of information posted by the User on TNX Airplane.

Prohibited Actions for Users

  1. Spread false and unreliable information about the TNX Airplane website.
  2. Violate the rules of the platform where the referral link is posted.
  3. Engage in spam (mass subscriptions, mass messaging and commenting) on other users' pages and groups on TNX Airplane.
  4. Mutual exchange of likes, comments, and subscriptions.

Agreement Terms

This Agreement enters into force upon User registration on the TNX Airplane website and ceases to be effective in case of a new version of the Agreement. TNX Airplane reserves the right to unilaterally amend the provisions of this Agreement. In some cases, TNX Airplane may notify users of changes to the Agreement in a convenient manner for the website administration.